The Best BBQ Pit in Texas 
Jambo Pits are the best smokers money can buy.  That’s a bold statement, but the results speak for themselves.  Many of the best competition teams in the country cook on our pits.  There’s a reason those teams have chosen us since 1989; quality and consistency, and workmanship.  Jamie Geer isn’t just a great pit builder, he’s also a great cook.  Only a short time back Jamie was a serious competitor on the competition barbecue circuit.  His trophy case is full of big wins. Jamie’s cooking skills are a big reason why Jambo Pits are such great cookers.  He knows how a pit should cook and he builds pits that way.  However, they’re not just great cookers, they’re easy on the eyes as well.  Jambo Pits are not mass produced.  Perfection takes time.  With top quality materials and attention to detail, Jamie builds these pits one by one.  From insulated fire boxes, torque flex axles, chrome wheels, white letter tires, custom coatings and paint to stainless steel hinges, handles and work surfaces, these pits are a true work of art.  Pull into a competition or your neighborhood with a Geer pit in tow and forget about going unnoticed.  These pits will turn heads wherever you go.  There is nothing else out there like a Jambo Pit.

Owner - Jamie Geer
P.O. Box 40326
Fort Worth, Texas 76140-0326
Phone: 817.223.3918
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